I’m Back

June 12, 2008

As I said before, I’ve been a bad blogger. I wanted to keep everyone up to date on my thought process as I decided whether to run or not.

We’ve been preparing forĀ a race for two years now – a federal race. I ran against Congressman Kennedy in 06 because I didn’t think he was looking out for the people. He looks out for the government. It is the family business, after all. None of that has changed. We started something in 06 and i want to finish it. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve had a busy couple of days with non stop interviews on radio and for the newspapers. More of the same today and we have the RI GOP convention tonight. I have a speech to prep and a couple of meetings thrown in. There’s always those donation calls to make, as well. Email us at scottricongress@yahoo.comand join that donor list because we can’t beat a Kennedy on handshakes alone.

I’ll be back soon. Hopefully I can pry some time out and let folks in on a little background as it applies to the exploratory process.

Keep an eye here. The website will be up soon and this blog will become just a part of it rather than the front page. Keep in touch too. Post your comments and email us. Together, we can change the system. Together we can start the revolution.