‘Aint They Cute

Thanks to Andrew Morse and Ian Donnis, who have written about my new presence here in the blogosphere, I’ve had quite a few “hits”. I’ve also come to realize why they call them hits. I’ve become addicted to the little graph that tracks them and I want… No… I need… more and more every day. The problem that I am struggling with is the question of how to do that. How do I keep you all entertained and informed and interested enough that you choose to come back every day? I’ll burn out if I try to write something profound with every post.

I’ve made the commitment to myself that I will put SOMETHING up each night before I leave the office. I’ve also decided that it won’t all be about politics. All work and no play will make Jon a dull boy and, since I’m contributing to www.politicalderby.com as well, that could all add up to a heap of dull. Blogging is supposed to be fun… right?

My first solution will be to veer off the path and cover the “life” part of “Politics and Life in Rhode Island” once in a while.  The other thing that I promise you is that you will get to follow my learning process here. What that means is that, occasionally, I’ll talk about sports and restaurants and tasty beverages and cigars and sometimes I’ll let you in on the frustrations and victories that befall me in my blogging education. Today I’m on the latter.

Much to my surprise, my meerkat picture appeared when I responded to my first comment. Apparently it doesn’t display with my posts, just with my comments. Frustrating still, but a victory none-the less. In the liabilities column, I tried to link to a Youtube video on Veterans Day and couldn’t get it right. I wanted the video embedded. All I could get was the link, despite the fact that Youtube hands the code to you.  Though I’m a bit technologically challenged, we’ll get this down eventually.

In the meantime I’ve given you my meerkat picture in full size so that you know what you’re looking at when I comment. From now on, in order to see the cute little critters, you’ll have to comment. Remember that I’m the politician who believes that the process is about you, the voters. I’m here to listen to your comments and to learn. Let me know what you think. Let me know how you feel. Let me know how to embed a Youtube video in my blog.

Most of all, keep that graph going up and keep those hits coming. I gotta have ’em. More and more every day.