A New Work Week for Congress

September 28, 2008

We need to change the way The House and Senate work, literally.  The current congressional work week was developed back when politicians had to travel to Washington D.C. on horseback.  The congressional work schedule must be updated to reflect current realities. 


The following proposal will limit the influence of lobbyist, increase transparency and put an end to the end of session legislative antics that Rhode Islanders know all to well.  I propose the following:


Congress will not meet in July or December.


Congress will meet in Washington one week per month.


Representatives will stay at home the other three weeks.  This will force them to spend less time with lobbyists and more with the people they represent.


One major issue will be addressed per month. 


The additional time can be used to deal with emergency issues. 


We can put an end to business as usual by changing the way government conducts its business.   


One Response to “A New Work Week for Congress”

  1. mikeairhart Says:

    I welcome your thoughts on the Wall Street bailout.

    I’m horrified at both the bailout and the $100 billion in pork and tax breaks that were attached to it. I’m a social liberal, fiscal conservative. Because I’m a fiscal conservative, I can no longer support the Democrats who voted for the bailout. Because I’m a social liberal / libertarian, I cannot vote for Republicans who might directly or indirectly aid the religious right.

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