Vote on the Issues

August 26, 2008

This may sound strange coming from a Republican, but cheers for Ted Kennedy.  I am well aware, as the son of a cancer survivor, of the courage required to battle such an illness.  My heart is with my opponent, Patrick Kennedy, and his father on this issue.  Sometimes we have to be human beings instead of Republicans and Democrats.  Everyone deserves to be healthy.


In November you will be casting ballots in support of candidates who will be custodians of Rhode Island’s and America’s economic health.  This should be more than a popularity contest.  Patrick Kennedy has represented Rhode Island’s first district since 1994 and it is time for change.  Mr. Kennedy continues to support policies that consolidate government power at the expense of individual liberty. 


My opponent voted to send congress on a five week vacation without addressing the energy crisis.  Our wallets are suffering as a result.  Congress must lift its ban on offshore drilling.  Countries like Brazil have become completely energy self-sufficient while our elected officials work to obstruct energy development.


Mr. Kennedy believes that the government should decide where Rhode Island kids go to school, and determine the type of health care coverage they should receive.  He is wrong.  These choices should be made by individuals. 


It is okay to root for the Kennedy’s personally but vote against them because of their policies.  Patrick Kennedy’s ideas are wrong for Rhode Island. 

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