Testing the Waters…

October 29, 2007

I’m testing the waters.

During my 2006 campaign, we always had the intention of blogging. There is so much to communicate; strange stories, bizarre attitudes and challenging encounters that leave a candidate wondering whether the system can ever be changed. Blogging was an intention only though as we struggled with the day to day operations and the task of building a campaign.

That brings me here, to the precipice of 2008 and the beginning of a new political season. I thought that this would be a good place to start trying things and getting used to the daily routine of blogging. I have not begun well, however. I can’t figure out how to direct my web site here and I have been unable to paste in the little meerkat picture that I want to use when I post. To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m doing and I’m probably stubborn enough that I’ll insist on making my own way as I experiment.

I believe that blogs are an interesting phenomena and that we need to be here. I am committed to the political process being open and transparent. I am certain that the public wants representatives who understand the world around them and who are accessible and unscripted. I know that politicians should be willing to debate their ideas in the greater world and that greater world, in the 21st century, is partly represented by the blogosphere. So here I am testing the waters; dipping my foot in and learning by trial and error. I could have had an associate set it up and make it happen but I’d rather push on without my meerkat picture.

If you come here and read regularly, it is my hope that you will engage me and help me learn. I am always willing to listen and understand that a politician’s job is to work for his electors… not to rule over them. I am excited to give this a shot and to hear what folks are thinking. I am hopeful that we can work together for a better Rhode Island. I believe that our state is on the verge of something new and that, on the other side, we will have a state that works for all of its citizens.

I have no answers, yet, for anyone who may be wondering about what I am doing in 2008. As I have always said, I will do what I believe is best for the people of the state. I have been doing just that as I have tested the political waters, as well. I have travelled and researched and tried to help create a better Rhode Island since November of 2006. I will use this blog as a means of informing everyone about those efforts. When I’ve reached a decision about 2008, I’ll let you know here first. Until then, I’ll keep working on that meerkat picture.